Feb 20

Galactic Archives: The Official BrickWars-Sets Blog!

The official BrickWars-Sets Blog, Galactic Archives, is now online! Here you will find updates on various Lego Star Wars related news, as well as BrickWars-Sets news. Check back here for updates on to-be-released sets and events!

With the start of this new blog, we’d like you, our viewers, to  contribute ideas. We’d like to know what you want to see on this blog; not only the types of updates, but also what kind of information and pages you’d like to see here. Pages such as a gallery, showcasing Lego Star Wars creations, or even a page for reviewing Lego Star Wars sets. Maybe even a video gallery! There are many ideas out there, and we’d like to hear them all! Feel free to leave comments! Thank you!


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  1. IaMtHeBoMb101000

    go brickwars! i cant wait for the late 2010 sets!

  2. andodel

    I think itll rock. Maybe you guys could make a section where people can make up there own starwars vehicles and give info about them. thatd be cool.

  3. admin

    Very interesting idea, andodel. So in other words, you’d like to see a Lego Star Wars creator’s gallery? Something similar used to be on the old site, and it’d actually be a great idea to bring it back, but this time on the blog instead.

  4. andodel

    i think your right

  5. Callum Coghlan

    Maybe you could post video reviews about some of the LEGO Star Wars sets out there, or perhaps give viewers the chance to make video reviews of their own, maybe even as a competition!

  6. admin

    That gives me an idea of my own… how does a Lego Star Wars sets review section (by the people here at BrickWars-Sets) sound?

  7. IaMtHeBoMb101000

    that sounds OSSUM!
    but you should make a base building comp or something

  8. darth rondar 99887766554432211

    ce serais cool de pouvoir acheter des jeux lego sur le blog brick wars et de pouvoir faire ses propre véhicule se serais cool.

  9. Peter Phillip

    Trying to build set 8039, Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser, and am stuck on step 19, page 39 of book 1 (putting pie piece shape side structure on bottom structure). Problem: The bottom structure is too short, or side structure is too long; the blue piece on tip of bottom hits bottom of side structure rather than slippin in. Help!! we’ve double checked all steps and can find no error!!

  10. IaMtHeBoMb101000

    u should check that it sticks out at the front and that u have the back 4 away from the hole in tne middle

  11. Billybob

    I’ve seen vids about the summer 2010 lego star wars sets, and if you go to lego.wikia.com they already have most of them there. So why doesn’t this site have them already?

  12. admin

    Hello Billybob,

    It’s actually a fairly simple reason as to why they haven’t been added to the site yet. There are currently roughly half of the 2010 sets that can be viewed on the site, and the other half just does not have enough information as of yet. However, rest assured as they will be updated as more information becomes available!


  13. Billybob

    btw, i check this site almost every day. it is my #1 resource for discontinued sets. Great job! Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I second the motion for a review section in the blog! :)

  14. admin

    That’s great to hear! Thank you, Billybob. We hope that we can continue providing you all the best and recent information on Lego Star Wars sets on the net!


  15. Billybob

    Have a Brickwars-sets shop where you could buy discontinued minifigs at a REASONABLE PRICE. I can understand if you can’t do this, but it’s just an idea.

  16. admin

    It’s unfortunate, but that is not likely. Discontinued minifigures are no longer manufactured by Lego, which means that you can only buy them from sellers who already have them. The older and less common a figure is, the more it is worth; that is why the prices they go for are so unreasonable, as you put it.


  17. Billybob

    2 suggestions:
    1. Make it so that only registered members can post.
    2. Have an MOC (My Own Creation) section where members can post pictures of their latest creations.

    P.S. Thank you for showing such interest on our feedback. :)

  18. Callum Coghlan

    The competitions are always great fun!

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