Jun 15

Retrospective Look: Brickworld Chicago 2013

Brickworld 2013 was a fun experience. There were new displays and some that made comebacks from previous years, and plenty of vendors. As always, it’s a pleasure to see what other Lego fans have built to showcase. Looking at the Star Wars-themed displays, I can’t say I was disappointed. There was such a nice variety, from detailed, movie-accurate scene recreations to funny references and parodies of the Star Wars universe. I’ve attached all the pictures I took of Star Wars-related displays below. In the next paragraph, I’ll discuss the experience of being at the convention a bit, specifically comparing the previous venue to the new venue. If you’re interested, read on; otherwise, feel free to skip to the photos!

storming_the_beach_of_kashyyykThe Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center, the new venue for Brickworld, was a very nice hotel, both inside and out. Unfortunately, the display room for the convention itself was lackluster compared to the Westin hotel’s. At the Westin hotel, there was one main room where the big displays were, and 3 – 4 additional, smaller rooms where more displays and vendors were. At the Renaissance, the convention got one gigantic room where everything was. I liked that everything was in one place personally, but I didn’t like the fact that it was in what looked like a warehouse/storage area that was cleared for this event. The flooring was concrete (think Sam’s Club or Costco) and the lighting was somewhat dim, too. Westin Hotel had carpeted flooring and better lighting from what I can remember.

Maybe that’s just me being nitpicky, but the new location wasn’t all bad. Being that it was such a big place, it made it much easier to walk around and get a look at displays I was interested in. At the Westin, since the convention was split up into multiple rooms, people tended to stay in the main room, which was so crowded it sometimes took a few minutes before I could get to something I wanted to snap pictures of. Lines to vendors were also much, much longer. At the bigger Renaissance room, vendors had plenty of space to set up around the perimeter and spread out their stores. I feel as though I was able to get almost as much done as I did last year, taking photos, admiring the work, talking with display creators, and so on, in less time than I did last year at the Westin.

Take that for what you will; that was my experience at the convention and I can’t say I’m disappointed, I simply wanted to point out some differences – both good and bad – between the old and new venues. I expect that this will be the place for Brickworld Chicago for at least a few years to come before they change the location again. I recommend coming here if you live in the Chicagoland area, especially if you haven’t been to Brickworld before. Parents, just be wary when bringing your kids to Brickworld – there are many neat accessories, weapons, minifigures and the like that are being sold by vendors, the kind of stuff your kids would drool over. And they aren’t cheap… so watch your wallets!

Anyway, on to the photos! There was some great Star Wars stuff here. I don’t think I got quite everything, but these were the ones that caught my eye. Enjoy!

trench_run_1trench_run_3 trench_run_2

The Death Star trench run was a new display (to my knowledge), and a very cool one at that! I really liked the detail the creator put into the walls and everything – a fantastic display to see, for sure. You’ve got Luke in his X-Wing Starfighter (mini) firing off the proton torpedoes with Vader in his TIE Advanced and wingmen in their TIE fighters in hot pursuit.


Aah, the storming of Kashyyyk’s beach in Episode III, an epic scene in the film to be sure.

geonosis_battle jungle_skirmish

Republic vs. Confederacy, from the beginning of the Clone Wars on Geonosis to close to the end on Kashyyyk.

minifigure_display_1 minifigure_display_2 minifigure_display_3 vehicle_display_2 vehicle_display_1

A very cool display of a Clone Wars minifigure and vehicle collection.


This, this I found absolutely hilarious. For you hard core Star Wars fans out there, you probably already know. For those of you who don’t know, obviously, this is an AT-RT. That’s not what’s funny about it. What’s funny about it is the fact that it was built and colored like a chicken – in the Star Wars universe, AT-RTs were nicknamed “chicken walkers” because of the funny way they moved around. If you look really closely, you’ll notice the stormtroopers on the ground were also… changed. Their torsos and legs were changed out for Lego roasted chicken bodies and skeleton legs. One “farmer” stormtrooper on the ground and the one in the cockpit are… rounding them up? I don’t know, use your imagination!

podracer_4 podracer_1 podracer_2 podracer_3

Podracers! I know many people were not fans of Episode I, but you have to admit, the podracers were pretty cool. It’s always a joy to see creative customs like these. In particular, I like that white one with the blue accents on it. It reminds me of the Pontiac 1970 Firebird Trans-Am.

giant_wormI don’t think this particular one was a Star Wars display, but that’s a very creative use of the globes from the Planet Series line. I think this particular one is Bespin, from the 9678 Twin-Pod Cloud Car & Bespin set. I know that set was not particularly popular because it was always the one left over in stores… so even more props creator for finding a great use for it!

vintage_minifigures vintage_action_figures

Vintage action figures… in minifigure form! I’m a fan of action figures myself, so I find it quite nifty that someone thought up of using minifigures to “replicate” the vintage action figure display.


I’m not exactly sure… how someone thought up of this… but it’s FABULOUS. What else could you say to a glammed-up X-Wing?


Hmm, super-deformed classic starfighters… not bad, creator, not bad at all… oddly enough, I can see these being actual sets in the future. Think about it, “Super-Deformed Lego Star Wars!” Yes? No? Maybe so…?


To end things, have a look at this. Does it ring any bells? Come on, think harder. Still nothing? Alright, I’ll throw you a bone. Episode IV. You still don’t know what it is? Alright, fine, here.


One of the most iconic scenes in the Star Wars universe, the first duel between father and son. It was great to finally see a display of this in person. Oh, and fun fact, the pink X-Wing starfighter MOC was right below this. Jump, Luke, your marvelous starfighter’s got your back!

I’m looking forward to Brickworld Chicago next year; while some displays are repeated/reused, it’s still worth it to see the new things other MOCers bring to the table, creative, clever or just humorous. For you folks in Indiana, Brickworld Fort Wayne 2013 is coming this September (here’s the site for more info). I hope you all enjoyed this little photo gallery!

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