Jul 29

SWCE 2013: Star Wars Rebels

At the Star Wars Celebration Europe 2013 (SWCE), more information and art emerged for the upcoming TV series, “Star Wars Rebels.” They revealed the logo (below) and some concept art, which is heavily influenced by Ralph McQuarrie’s work. McQuarrie was the concept artist behind the Original Trilogy, so fans of that trilogy may have great things to look forward to with this new series.

The series will premiere in the fall of 2014 on Disney Channel as a one-hour special. Subsequent episodes will air on Disney XD. When it does, there is no doubt that many new LEGO sets will follow along with it. Over the last few years we’ve seen Original Trilogy sets sprinkled into the waves here and there, but these new sets will likely become the new focus until Episode VII is released. Personally, I’m looking forward to it. I think a lot of great stories can be told within the 20-year time span between Episodes III and IV.

If you check out some of the artwork on the official article from StarWars.com, it’ll get your imagination going. The first piece of artwork features a very Millennium Falcon-esque ship fleeing from enemy TIE fighters, and the second shows some TIEs flying through a desert landscape. If any of you have seen McQuarrie’s art, you can appreciate how well the new artist(s) is maintaining his look and feel.

Producer Dave Filoni remarked that the series will follow a group of teenagers who pilot a ship dubbed Ghost, which serves as their transportation and home. He also hinted that characters from the Clone Wars will be making appearances, though he did not elaborate on who or to what extent. Stay tuned for more.

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