Oct 15

Free LEGO Holiday Set Promotion

While this is technically not Star Wars-related, I felt it should still be brought to your attention: there is a new limited edition set, called the 40082 Holiday Set, that LEGO is offering for free as part of a promotion. If you order $99 or more of any LEGO products from LEGO Stores or LEGO Shop at Home, you will automatically receive this set. The promotion runs through October 31st.

40082 Holiday SetRecall that the clone trooper lieutenant promotion (minimum order of $50 in Star Wars sets) and the double VIP points promotion are both still going on, so if your purchase is $99 or more (and if the sets are still available), you will receive both items for free AND get double VIP points! If you’re a LEGO fan or collector, this could work out very well for you; if you’re looking for a little something to give a loved one for the holidays, be it a young child or an adult collector in your family, this could do it for you.

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