Apr 02

Double VIP Points

This is no April Fools joke – LEGO is offering double VIP points on every purchase/order from April 1st to April 15th. According to this page, during the period, you will also get $5 credit for every $50 you spend. I believe this stacks with points you have saved up on your VIP card already. Let’s say you have 125 points saved up on your card. Since every 100 points saved is $5 credit, and you make a $50 purchase that day, you’ll get $10 off that purchase (the 49 points added from $50 purchase does not bring the total to 200, so from VIP points alone you’re still only getting $5 off). It works whether you’re buying from a LEGO Store or from Shop at Home.

Since the first of LEGO Star Wars 2014 wave was released just last month, now would be a great time to pick some sets up if you haven’t already. Happy shopping!

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