Jun 22

Brickworld Chicago 2014 – Star Wars MOCs

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Brickworld Chicago 2014 in Schaumberg, Illinois. There was a lot of new MOCs to be seen, as well as specialty shops to visit. I went in not expecting too much to be different from previous years, but to my surprise, there was quite a bit that was new to me. There were plenty of new sci-fi, city/town, medieval and film-based creations to be seen. In terms of Star Wars, there wasn’t a lot that was new, and unfortunately there were no previews of upcoming sets present at the show. I did, however, capture some pictures of Star Wars MOCs and dioramas that I thought to be notable, so here they are (click on the images to load a larger version):

White Republic Cruiser

This Republic cruiser, built in primarily white, stood out to me.  It reminds me of the T-6 Jedi Shuttle’s color scheme, which I quite liked.

Clone Wars Battlefield - Large (1) cClone Wars Battlefield - Large (2)

These two images are of the same diorama – a large-scale battle between Republic and Separatist forces. I really liked the attention to detail here, like the explosive rounds hitting the clones and the battle between Anakin and Dooku, with the former leaping from his Jedi starfighter into battle. On the other side, more clones! Looks like the Republic has outflanked the Separatists. I like the inclusion of the 2014 Episode III clone troopers in their phase II armor. Did I mention that the 2nd airborne clone paratroopers are one of my favorite clone variants? And they’re here!

Clone Wars Battlefield

This battlefield is a bit more clustered than the last, but still fun to look at. We’ve got clones gliding across the waters in swamp speeders, Republic walkers making their way into battle by land, droids by ship (though it is perhaps a bit silly), and destroyed mobile units on both sides.

LEGO Star Wars Party

This setup was probably my favorite – and the funniest. It’s like something straight out of a LEGO video game.  You’ve got a lot going on here. There’s the Village People, in LEGO form and donned in stormtrooper gear, giving a performance; Darth Vader and Princess Leia are breaking down on the dance floor; Zerg from Toy Story makes an appearance as the bartender and some Star Trek Enterprise crew members crash the party; all the while, Han and Chewie and a royal guard and stormtrooper are enjoying their drinks off to the side.

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