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Lego 75002 AT-RT

Lego 75002 AT-RT

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The Lego 75002 AT-RT has been regarded as one of the most cost-effective sets of this first wave of 2013 sets. Packed with a walker, four minifigures and 222 pieces, let’s see if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be.


As I mentioned before, the set contains 222 pieces, and it retails for $19.99 USD. That’s a piece-to-price ratio of roughly 9 cents. That’s not bad at all – in fact, it’s just about in line with the 75000 Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas set’s PTP ratio, which was 10 cents. When I picked up the box of this set, it had a certain weight to it. I thought it was kind of heavy compared to the other sets. Definitely a good sign when many other sets are priced higher but don’t quite have the same weight to them.

Design and Build

Opening up the set, there were three bags, a sticker sheet, and the instructions. Bag 1 built the minifigures, bag 2 built the walker’s legs, and bag 3 built the body of the walker. It seemed odd to me that the minifigures were put in a separate bag, since they’re usually put in with the main set’s parts. Maybe they were trying to compensate for something? Make it look like there was more than there actually was? In any case, on to the walker.

Lego 75002 AT-RT - Driver Operating WalkerAfter finishing the build, I placed the clone trooper in the driver’s seat of the walker, and it definitely looks oversized. The 7250 AT-RT from 2005 was also a bit oversized, but this 2013 version is about an inch bigger than that one. Lego 75002 AT-RT - Mechanical Parts (Detail)It’s something that personally annoys me because I suspect that they made it bigger to justify the price, but also because I’m a stickler for accuracy. However, I’m willing to overlook it because of the phenomenal detailing. It more than makes up for the scaling issue. In the Clone Wars series, a feature of the AT-RT that always stuck out to me was the feet. The shape, size and various design elements caught my eye every time, and looking at this Lego rendition of it evokes the same effect. I love the filter slopes used as the “toes” here. Frankly, I’m very impressed with the feet.

Lego 75002 AT-RT - FeetLego 75002 AT-RT - Curved PieceBeing that this particular walker is used by the 501st Legion, it’s to be expected that their signature blue markings would appear on the walker. It’s very nice to see the subtle accenting on the legs, leading up to the main body which is almost completely blue. The very front of the main body is contoured almost perfectly. It comes together very nicely and looks very precise.Lego 75002 AT-RT - Slope Piece The AT-RTs in the TV series had slightly more exaggerated bodies than those from the third film, specifically this front section, and I believe Lego was able to capture that quite well. I like the use of the 4×3 cutout wedge piece (pictured on the left) in the middle of the walker body, as it gives a unique, contoured shape that flows well into the light gray and dark gray parts at the back of the walker. The 2×1 cutout slopes (pictured on the right) are also used very well, acting as a stopper for the front panel and as a small cavity to place the handlebars into.

Lego 75002 AT-RT - Front PanelsLego 75002 AT-RT - Front Panels (Backside)

Lego 75002 AT-RT - Driver's SeatThe laser cannon mounted to the nose of the walker is simple, with a shorter, thicker structure snuggly attached underneath – again, great detailing. Behind the driver’s seat is a small peg that can hold the clone’s blaster rifle. Above that is a set of antennae that finish off the main body.

Lego 75002 AT-RT - Blaster Cannon

Interestingly, the stickers provided for this set are clear… meaning that if you’re ambitious, you could replace all the blue parts in this set with red, orange, or whatever legion or battalion colors you wanted and still have the stickers work on it. Pretty darn cool!

Lego 75002 AT-RT - StickersMinifigures

The four minifigures included in this set are Yoda, a 501st clone trooper, a commando droid captain and a sniper droideka.

Lego 75002 AT-RT - MinifiguresLego 75002 AT-RT - Minifigures (Rear)Starting off with Yoda, he is not much different from his past Clone Wars renditions. This time around he has some back printing and the hair on his head is white (instead of gray). Interestingly, his head was placed in a small bag of its own. It seems Lego is trying to be more cautious with soft parts and soft goods, so that’s a positive.

Lego 75002 AT-RT - Yoda (Packaged Head)The 501st clone trooper has some great detailing. He has the standard Clone Wars flesh trooper head and a Phase II helmet adorned with 501st blue. His torso has both front and back printing. Even his legs have printing for the knees! It’s a shame that there was no battle pack for these Clone Wars Phase II clones, because I would have loved to collect them.

The commando droid captain is no different from the regular commando droid except for some extra printing on the head, which appears to represent some extra armor/reinforcing brackets.

The sniper droideka is very similar in build to the droidekas in set 75000, and I wasn’t really crazy about their design. It’s a bit rigid and blocky in some places, but I would say it does a decent job of replicating the Clone Wars renditions of the various droidekas. Instead of having two arms with twin blasters mounted on the ends, this sniper droideka has a single, long rod protruding from its midsection. I’m not exactly sure what the hinged 1x2s on its back are for, but I presume it’s for support. Being that it’s a sniper droid, it may have to make shots at high angles – fold those parts down and it has shooting stability in that position. They can also be used to angle the droid downwards, if the forward legs are pushed down and the back panels are pushed forward completely. I had some fun playing around with this mysterious little feature.


The set comes with a blaster for the clone trooper, one for the commando droid captain and a green lightsaber for Yoda. Not much to say here.

Lego 75002 AT-RT - AccessoriesThe Verdict

If you liked the AT-RT walkers from the Clone Wars series and you like a good deal, I highly recommend the set. The walker looks great and the value you’re getting is awesome – I’d venture to say it’s the best in this wave. Plus, you can build up an “army” of 501st AT-RTs and clone troopers at a relatively low cost, seeing that the only other 501st trooper you can get is included in the 75004 Z-95 Headhunter. Even if you don’t go this route, the 75002 AT-RT will be a great addition to your collection – or a good first set to start one with.

BrickWars-Sets Rating: 10/10| Spectacular

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