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Lego 7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack

The Lego 7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack is an awesome set within itself, but the price does it no justice. This set is due to be released in January, 2011. However, as many of you know, the set is already out, along with several other 2011 Lego Star Wars sets. Every year, the subsequent year’s upcoming sets are released, typically one to two weeks before Christmas. Typically, Toys R’ Us, one of the major toy retail store chains, receives them first. But in more recent years, newly opened Lego stores also get the sets early. It is currently available on Lego Shop At Home as well, along with other 2011 sets. Now on with the review!


The price. Raised $1 again. I remember when battle packs only cost $9.99. Last year, the Lego 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Packs and the Lego 8084 Snowtrooper Battle Packs were retailed at $10.99, a dollar higher than the battle packs that were released a year earlier. In 2011, they’ve been raised a dollar more, to $11.99. At the same time, it also appears that the piece count of the set has decreased. Rise in price and decrease in value… that’s the reality, given the state of the economy. We as the consumers get the short end of the stick. I understand the rise in prices, but for small sets like these battle packs, it simply doesn’t seem necessary. The price is too high when considering the piece count and overall size of the set.

Design and Build

Included in this set are four clone trooper minifigures: a clone commander (armor sports lime green pattern), an ARF (Advanced Recon Force) trooper, and two bomb squad troopers. The speeder bike is based off of the BARC (Biker Advanced Recon Commando) speeder from the Clone Wars.

The minifigures are highly detailed, and the brand new ARF trooper helmet sculpt is superb. The thought of having two of them has made me consider purchasing another pack (though the price of the set has kept me from doing so). It’s very accurate to what’s seen on the Clone Wars; I would venture to say that every emblem and symbol painted on the ARF trooper’s helmet in the show is there in minifigure form. He is easily my favorite figure from the pack. The clone commander is a neat looking figure, much different from other clone commanders we’ve seen in Clone Wars sets thus far. He doesn’t sport a kama (blast-resistant garment around the waist down to the knees) or a pauldron (shoulder pads signifying rank) like Commander Fox or Captain Rex. Instead, he has a detailed lime green pattern on his armor and, if you look closely enough, an intricate and lighter green series of lines and symbols throughout. The bomb squad troopers are also very detailed, and like the clone commander, most of their bodies are painted; their legs, their torsos, and their helmets, too. The armor is decorated with angular, orange markings. Surprisingly, their helmets are not white painted orange. They are, in fact, orange helmets painted white. That’s certainly new.

The speeder bike is a very nice vehicle. It was a simple build, with a few Technic elements thrown in.  I like how the two side engines are attached via these parts. As for the design, it’s not really accurate to what you see in the series, as it is much bulkier, but it looks great. The speeder features two forward blaster cannons and two behind the driver. The handlebars are basically the same as those on the white 74-Z speeder bike in the Lego 8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack. I’m glad it stayed, because it’s a great design. They are easy to get into the hands of a minifigure unlike the handlebars from the olden days, where you had to turn both hands inwards to attach (simultaneously) to the handles. With these, you can leave your trooper’s hand in the upright position and attach each handlebar one at a time. You can even choose to leave one out of the trooper’s hand and have him carry a blaster instead, which looks pretty darn cool. The ARF trooper (in my opinion) looks the best riding this speeder bike.


The set includes a plethora of blasters, from rifles to pistols. There are two DC-15A blaster rifles, one DC-15S carbine blaster, and two DC-17 blaster pistols. What’s to dislike about so many weapons at your clones’ disposal? The blaster pistols are also brand new sculpts. They look like miniaturized blasters, as they still have scopes attached (which, admittedly, look a bit odd). Such a design is more reminiscent of the blaster pistols Han Solo wielded in the Original Trilogy.

The Verdict

In conclusion, this is a great set overall. It was hurt badly by the pricing, as the set itself would have received a perfect rating. Compared to the Lego 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack released in 2009, this set includes highly detailed clone troopers and a semi-complex build, as well as many accessories. However, its piece-to-price ratio is inferior to that of the Clone Walker. That said, let’s review the main points one last time.


-highly detailed clone trooper minifigures; brand new ARF trooper helmet sculpt
-nice variety of troopers; one commander, one ARF, and two bomb squad
-many blasters included; rifles, carbine, pistols
-speeder bike has a solid build and looks great
-handlebars work extremely well


-the price is too high; poor piece-to-price ratio

BrickWars-Sets Rating: 8/10 | Excellent

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