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Lego 7929 The Battle of Naboo

The Lego 7929 The Battle of Naboo was a set released in the first wave of 2011 Star Wars sets. Its MSRP is $24.99. It contains 241 pieces and 12 minifigures. The set stands out from the rest of the wave, as it is based on the droid carrier from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. That’s quite a ways back, considering all the other sets are from The Clone Wars and beyond (the Imperial V-Wing Starfighter appeared near the end of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and was used by the Galactic Empire until the creation of TIE Fighters). In fact, Lego has not manufactured a set based on Episode I since 2007, in which they produced the 7660 Naboo N-1 Starfighter with Vulture Droid and the 7662 Trade Federation MTT. Although it’s been nearly four years since then, Lego managed to create an excellent set that is still in keeping with the MTT and Vulture droid, both in color scheme and design. Not to mention Gungan minifigures, which have been absent since 2000.


With 241 pieces and 12 minifigures, $24.99 is a relatively good price for this set. Given, ten out of those twelve minifigures are battle droids (which we all have plenty of already, right?), it’s still an agreeable deal. The two pilot droids are nice additions, not to mention rare. The Gungans, however, are amazing minifigures. This set comes with a Jar Jar Binks and a Gungan Soldier. I’ll get into detail about them a little later. The pieces included in the set are fairly normal. Many of them are smooth and curved pieces, some of which are colored a darker shade of tan. It’s not quite tan, and not quite brown – but somewhere in between. Once the set is assembled, it is of moderate size. Personally, I think it was worth the sales price.

Design and Build

When I first opened the box, I was very surprised at the number of droid parts there were in the bags. I was expecting it, but actually seeing the sheer volume was something else. Eight battle droids and two pilot droids took me a while to build, but I was fairly elated to find that they included the pilot droids.

More battle droids... don't we already have enough?

Jar Jar Binks and a Gungan Soldier

After finally assembling them, I moved on to the Gungans. Oddly, their heads were packaged separately, each in their own little bags. When I took a closer look, I understood why. Their heads have an incredible amount of detail on the front and back. Leaving them loose in any of the bags may have caused some of the print to be scratched off. Their head sculpts are exactly the same as the ones released in 2000, and I find it interesting how some printing on their eyes, faces, nostrils and the backs of their heads make them look so much better. They look absolutely fantastic.

The droid carrier was a fairly standard build. Some of the elements to the build were unique, such as the use of round, 2×2 dome pieces on the sides of the carrier. The incorporation of these rounded elements helps diversify the overall look of the vehicle, and I find it visually appealing. The design is rather close to what’s seen in Episode I. The droid carrier is also known as a platoon attack craft (PAC), and its primary duty is to transport battle droids from place to place; it is used to in battle as well. Based on that description, I’d say that the set does a great job at portraying it. The carrier is long, slender, and light. This makes sense, given that it must be able to move quickly when transporting droids or when bringing in reinforcements to a battle. Lego was even able to include the large flood light on the right of the carrier, as well as controls for the pilot droid, which I think makes the set that much more accurate and detailed.

The only qualm I have with the droid carrier is the battle droid rack, which could have been better. Having the droids stand while in their folded positions isn’t very accurate, nor is having such large gaps between each droid just to make room for the blasters. It would have looked much better if the rack had long rods between the front and rear, so that the battle droids could hang off of them. That’s how they were on the rack included in the MTT from 1999, as well as in the old 7126 Battle Droid Carrier. Even going with the rack design from the MTT from 2007 would have worked: the droids stood while folded up, but were packed more tightly together. Going with either design would have probably allowed more droids to be attached (and a great place to store all those extra droids from other sets, right?). Then again, you could simply remove the 2×2 tiles in order to fit in more droids. However, I do like the design of the rack itself, and how the shelves are removable. The rack is very sturdy, and not quite as flimsy as I had imagined.

Surprisingly, the grip the hook piece on the droid rack has on the hitch on the droid carrier is strong. It keeps the droid rack in place very well, and is easy to remove at the same time. Although the rack is light and dark gray, it still goes well with the brown and dark tan of the droid carrier; it’s not very often that you see two very different sets of colors that complement each other. Because of this, it goes fabulously well with the MTT and Vulture droid (included with the Naboo Starfighter) and really presents itself as Trade Federation.


The energy shield is stunning, and the boomas and cesta are pretty neat, too.

There’s nothing new with the battle droids’ weapons. The set comes with eight standard blasters for the battle droids. The pilot droids have no weapons.

What interests me are the Gungans, if I’m to be honest. Jar Jar Binks carries a small pack, which holds energy balls, or boomas. The Gungans used these during the Battle of Grassy Plains against the Trade Federation droids. The boomas were very effective, as they seemed to have similar effects on droids as EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) weapons. The Gungan Soldier is equipped with a cesta, a long staff that can be used in close-quarters combat as well as to launch boomas. He also has an energy shield, which looks amazing. Unlike the one made for the 7113 Gungan Patrol, which was a solid purple color with gold printing, this new shield is translucent purple with gold printing.

I think it would have been nice (and a little more balanced, battle-wise) if the set included at least one kaadu, the bipedal mounts the Gungans use in battle. They were included in an older set, and it definitely would have been nifty to see perhaps a printed sculpt of the original, or a new sculpt altogether.

The Verdict

It's simply too spacious; such large tiles for the blasters are unnecessary.

The Lego 7929 The Battle of Naboo is a good set with many minifigures and a relatively uncommon vehicle. Lego oudid themselves with the Gungans; their printed heads, torsos, and even the energy shield are excellent. The droid carrier has a nice design to it, and definitely conveys that Trade Federation-look, instead of the usual blue-and-gray Confederacy of Independent Systems pattern.


-printed Gungan head sculpts
-translucent purple energy shield
-diverse color scheme on droid carrier; complements the 2007 MTT and Vulture droid
-droid carrier is very detailed and accurate; features flood light, controls for pilot droid
-sturdy droid rack; attaches well to droid carrier


-battle droid rack is too spacious; far from accurate

BrickWars-Sets Rating: 8.5/10 | Excellent

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