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Lego 30052 MINI AAT

Date Added: 10/3/11

Rating: 8/10 | Excellent

Another MINI set is available yet again. This time around, it’s a promotional set for Halloween. And early, as always. The Lego 30052 MINI AAT is based on the Trade Federation AAT and can be found… read more>>

Lego 30051 MINI X-Wing Fighter

Date Added: 5/29/11

Rating: 10/10 | Spectacular

The Lego 30051 MINI X-Wing Fighter is not just one of the best MINI sets Lego has ever released, it is one of the best remakes Lego has ever done. From the great amount of detail jam-packed into this set to the beautiful array of colors used, the X-Wing Fighter is a MINI masterpiece… read more>>

Lego 30054 MINI AT-ST

Date Added: 5/22/11

Rating: 6/10 | Decent

The walker is an accurate representation of the AT-ST, but is missing a few details that could have easily been added… read more>>

Lego 30050 MINI Republic Attack Shuttle

Date Added: 5/15/11

Rating: 8/10

This set is, for the most part, accurate to the show and to the previous shuttle Lego produced, but it’s not without one significant problem… read more>>

Lego 8031 MINI V-19 Torrent

Date Added: 5/8/11

Rating: 8/10

At first, I was a bit apprehensive for fear of how little I might get, but once I got home and opened it up, all of that doubt disappeared… read more>>

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