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Lego 30050 MINI Republic Attack Shuttle

The Lego 30050 MINI Republic Attack Shuttle is a Toys R’ Us/Target exclusive that appeared in their stores in 2010, and re-appeared around March of this year for a promotion they had (where if you purchased $20 worth or more of Lego Star Wars sets, you’d get a free one). This set is, for the most part, accurate to the show and to the previous shuttle Lego produced, but it’s not without one significant problem.


At $3.99, this set is priced the same as any other MINI – let’s hope Lego doesn’t decide to raise their prices on these sets like they have on the main line. It’s a great deal at this price; just right, I’d say. Any higher would be rather ludicrous. Anyway, this set comes with 54 pieces, five of which are extra parts. For a MINI set, that’s quite a few. And what’s nice is that three of those are the 1×1 slope pieces. You can never have too many of those!

Design and Build

Lego was on the mark with the structural build of the set. It’s very close to that of the Lego 8019 Republic Attack Shuttle. The shape of the main body, cockpit and even the wings are great. As for the design, the color is off. Well, one color, which is visible in the largest quantity on the set – white. The minifigure-scale shuttle they made back in 2008 had a largely gray body, with very little white. Even in the Clone Wars series, the majority of the ship is light gray, not white. Some parts of the ship are red, and not dark red – this, too, is inaccurate to the show and the previous Lego model of the Republic Attack Shuttle. These errors are quite an eyesore at times. Other than these color discrepancies, they got the basic pattern down correctly. Something I really like are the two yellow 1×1 smooth plates they used on each of the wings; they’re great touches and give the ship that much more variety. The wings also fold, which is a great feature in any set. They fold up exactly like the larger scale ones do, too. It may not seem like much, but many fans appreciate the little things, the little details – but by the same token, they’ll point them out, like I did with the colors. Lastly, the cockpit! It’s attached the same way it is on the larger scale version. The mini uses hook-and-bar pieces so that the cockpit is able to slant downwards; the minifigure scale one uses notched hinges to achieve the same effect. The rear of the ship is marvelous. When you set the ship down and turn it around, revealing the back, there’s something about the light blue exhaust that seems to make the entire set pop.

The Verdict

All in all, the Lego 30050 MINI Republic Attack Shuttle is a great set with some fantastic attention to detail. A play/display feature is a very welcome addition as well. And who can forget the attention to detail? The folding wings, adjustable cockpit, and even the little bit of yellow used are great complements to the rest of the set. The coloring is incorrect to such a degree, however, that the set will receive a lower rating as a result. It just seemed as though Lego got lazy and decided to make the ship with leftover white and red parts instead of light gray and dark red to get rid of them.


-accurate structure and functions; i.e. wings, cockpit
-attention to detail
-excellent use and layout of light-blue stud elements on rear of ship
-generous with extra pieces


-incorrect color scheme; white instead of light gray, red in some areas

BrickWars-Sets Rating: 8/10 | Excellent

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