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Lego 30054 MINI AT-ST

The Lego 30054 MINI AT-ST was a Target exclusive released for Easter of this year. The walker is an accurate representation of the AT-ST, but is missing a few details that could have easily been added.


At $3.99, the price is pretty standard for the AT-ST. However, in comparison to the last two MINIs we reviewed, the piece count and size of the pieces are fairly low and small, making the finished product small and somewhat flimsy as well. The Lego 4486 MINI AT-ST and Snowspeeder released in 2003 was also $3.99, but came with a MINI snowspeeder as well. Just goes to show how much inflation has impacted Lego sets as well.

Design and Build

The build of this MINI AT-ST is nearly identical to the one released in 2003. In my opinion, this AT-ST is inferior to the one released back then. The front flag-plate that makes up the “face” of the AT-ST has no printing on it at all, while the 2003 version does. The rest of the walker only has minor differences from the 2003 version. I think it would have been better if Lego had redesigned the AT-ST, perhaps making it bigger and sturdier as they did with the Lego 30051 MINI X-Wing Fighter. If tapped from behind, the walker easily topples over. So as I said in the introduction of this review, there are a lot of things Lego could have done to make this set spectacular. As it is now, it’s just barely passable. Even though the build is rather outdated, it is still well detailed; the cockpit of the walker, more than anything else. The color scheme is accurate as well. The legs could’ve been improved; perhaps if the feet were wider and longer, the walker wouldn’t topple over as easily.

The Verdict

All in all, the Lego 30054 MINI AT-ST is an acceptable set, but could’ve been redesigned to be that much better. These improvements could have easily been implemented, such as the printing on the flag-plate and the enlarging of the feet and legs, but Lego decided they would only make the most minor changes to an older model to re-release and market.


-accurate color scheme
-cockpit is well-detailed


-flag-plate on cockpit lacks printing; inferior to 2003 version
-legs are flimsy; easily toppled over when bumped from behind
-very little changes made to the build

BrickWars-Sets Rating: 6/10 | Mediocre

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