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Lego 30051 MINI X-Wing Fighter

The Lego 30051 MINI X-Wing Fighter is not just one of the best MINI sets Lego has ever released, it is one of the best remakes Lego has ever done. From the great amount of detail jam-packed into this set to the beautiful array of colors used, the X-Wing Fighter is a MINI masterpiece.


The usual $3.99 you pay for a MINI set, nothing unusual about the piece-to-price ratio. No complaints here. The quality of the parts is fair and there are plenty of extra pieces provided.

Design and Build

This MINI X-Wing Fighter is, in this reviewer’s opinion, the best MINI rendition of the iconic Star Wars rebel starfighter to date. The color scheme is marvelous and is used in perfect moderation. White, light gray, dark gray, dark red and tan never looked so good! The use of the dark gray translucent 1×1 slope piece works great as the cockpit, as do the 1×1 translucent light orange studs used for the ship’s exhaust. Both of these draw your eyes in, and they look fantastic. The silver stud on top behind the cockpit is also a nice touch, representing the pilot’s astromech droid partner.

The amount of detail this set has to offer is simply superb. From the dark red highlights to the tan underside of the ship, there’s more than enough to break up any monotony this starfighter may have displayed, and on top of that, it does it very well. One of my favorite areas on the ship is towards the rear where the wings are connected. There’s something about the way the studded rod pieces are connected to the exhaust and the wings that really appeal to me – I think that it’s because it gives the ship this sense of realism, in a sense. It looks even more like the larger model, and not some miniaturized, blocky set – which tends to happen with many mini sets.

Oddly enough, Lego decided to put the hook for the blasters on on the top of the slanted plate that is the wing, instead of in the 1×1 empty “space” left by the light gray 1×2 hooks. I prefer putting them on the underside of the wings to fill up that “space” because it’s more pleasing to the eye. It’s easily fixable, though, so I don’t consider it an issue.


It's a fairly easy change to make, and it makes the X-Wing look that much better.

Something else I want to point out is how much the ship’s structural integrity has been improved since the last MINI X-Wing Lego released back in 2003, along with the TIE Advanced in the Lego 4484 MINI X-Wing Fighter and TIE Advanced. The older X-Wing was not only very flimsy, it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing either. I’m not sure if the purpose was to make it contrast more with the almost-completely black TIE Advanced, but the X-Wing fighter was too white and lacked variety in color and pieces. The 30051 MINI X-Wing Fighter, however, is a major improvement. All the issues the older one had, the newer one has improved. In my book, that’s simply fantastic. Lego has done many remakes of different sets before, and this is one of the few that I regard as the best.

The Verdict

I can’t think of anything in particular that’s wrong with this set. It’s an amazing MINI rendition of the X-Wing Fighter. I must say, props to Lego for this one. The amount of detail put into this little set is marvelous, and they do it in such a way that it draws you in. I’m not sure if it’s the variety of colors, the detail, or the striking resemblance it has to the full-scale X-Wing fighter, but I can assure you it’s one of those for certain. There’s simply so much to look at – and remember, this is a MINI set. That’s quite an accomplishment. To recap:


-superb amount of detail
-variety of colors that add to the set’s visual appeal
-great use of translucent/shiny pieces
-vast improvement from older version
-structurally sound



BrickWars-Sets Rating: 10/10 | Spectacular

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